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The Affinity Experience

Think of Affinity Planning as your personal financial hub. Our clients have access to a carefully cultivated network of leading professionals, who resonate with our holistic approach.

The Affinity Planning professional partners include accountants, lawyers, mortgage brokers, estate planners, property advocates, career planners, business professionals, psychologist and others.

Together with our professional partners, Affinity Planning is at the forefront of the ever evolving financial services landscape.

This enables us to offer clients ongoing access to up-to-the-minute information, ensuring they are properly equipped to make smart decisions about their money. Changes to superannuation or other legislation as well as shifting economic and investment data can be complex and often go by unnoticed. For the past ten years Affinity Planning has been trusted to provide clients with insights and information to ensure they are properly equipped to make smart decisions about their money.

Let us guide you

At Affinity Planning we understand that taking control of your finances is an ongoing challenge that requires ongoing support. Our clients enjoy the benefits of a structured supportive relationship, that inspires the creation of your own vision for life, ensures you acheive your goals, keeps you on track and changes direction when required.

More than Financial Planning

It’s hard to be prepared for the things we least expect life to throw at us, so let us do it for you. We offer a range of support services that can be crucial during difficult times in life such as job loss, relationship change, lifestyle shift or even the death of a loved one. It is at these points in time when a trusted financial adviser acting in your best interests can save you money, time and stress.