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Our Philosophy

Building an understanding

It’s no secret a few rogue traders have tarnished the reputation of financial planning, which is why we are dedicated to tailoring solutions based on your unique situation -- not commissions.

Affinity Planning was founded to cater to the individual, and we understand that no two clients are alike. With this in mind we strive to fit people with dynamic, situation-specific solutions that address the myriad of issues faced by our clients.

Are we right for you?

It is our belief that for any relationship to be successful, core values must be aligned. While our services provide outstanding results-driven outcomes for our clients, we recognise we are not a good fit for everyone.

To determine if the Affinity Planning experience is right for you, we ask you to consider the following:

Are you seeking expert, objective guidance, but also looking for someone who will really listen and advise you accordingly?

Do you feel that with the proper advice, guidance and a tailored plan that you could go from “good” to “great”?

Do you need direction and support to accomplish your financial goals?

Do you share our belief that financial success is so much more than picking "hot"   investments or timing the market?

Do you believe the key to financial success is a long-term relationship with a dynamic  financial professional?

Do you want access to a diverse range of professionals and services that can help you to get every aspect of your financial life in order?

If you’re after a refreshing, dynamic approach to shoring up your financial future then Affinity Planning is here to help.