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Valuable resources

1. Understanding you

Get yourself thinking about areas where financial advice can assist you to reach your goals.

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2. Your chances of suffering a Critical Illness before 65? 

Using statistics taken from Australian hospitals, this calculator shows the liklehood of a serious trauma occuring to yourself or your partner.

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3. The cycle of market emotions

Investing is heavily influenced by our emotions and its important to understand the importance of these feelings when watching investments.

In our graphic, the curving line is a representation of a share price movement and the coloured circles correspond to the emotions a typical investor can be experiencing.

For example, at the point of "Euphoria' (felt most recently during the pre-GFC market peak), investors had enjoyed a long run of gains and could see nothing to stop this continuing. In reality, it was the riskiest time in the markets.

To  contrast at the point of "Despondency", when a share has dropped so low the typical investor can see it doing nothing but continuing to drop. This may be the point of maximum financial opportunity to buy in.

The value of an adviser is such that we recognise these emotions and can help guide you to making far better financial decisions. 

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4. Collating family documents

This is a simple framework that enables you to pull together a list of your important financial details into one easy to find place. We feel it greatly assist clients on their path towards becoming more in control of their finances and is brilliant in the event of a family emergency.

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5. The Affinity Planning property buyers checklist

Thinking about buying a home? Buyers who use a property checklist are on average 21% more likley to be more satisfied with their purchase.

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6. Financial Service Guide

Our finacial services guide is an important document for new clients as it details our service offering and includes important matters relating to our business. Please take the time to read it and feel free to ask any questions you may have in our meeting.

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7. The Affinity Planning 100 point Id check

As part of our Australian Financial Services Licence we are required to hold 100 points of ID for new clients. Here is an easy to use check list to ensure you have the correct documents for us to certify.

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8. Want to know where you could be in 10 years? 

Using our prefered wholesale investment platform Netwealth, you have the ability to use these calculators for a range of estimates including:

Can I   retire?

This helps you to determine when you might have sufficient superannuation savings to reach a level where you could feel comfortable at a desired level of retirement income.

Super co-contribution

Helps to understand your eligibility and the potential co-contribution amount that may be made to the your superannuation account under the Federal Government co-contribution scheme.

Increase contribution efficiency

The Contribution Efficiency Calculator compares and projects superannuation account balances arising from four different contribution methods that are available to most employees.

Salary sacrifice?

This calculator shows the financial effect on your take home pay and your net worth after contributing to via salary sacrifice i.e. your employer makes additional Superannuation Contributions on your behalf in lieu of salary.

Super or not so super?

The Super or Not So Super calculator looks at the taxation implications of saving via a superannuation fund.

Contribution splitting

Superannuation contributions splitting means that you can split certain superannuation contributions made you during a financial year and transfer some of them to your spouse's superannuation account.

Pay off the mortgage first?

This calculator compares the financial effects of applying additional money (a) to pay off a mortgage earlier with (b) contributing that money to your superannuation fund.

My risk profile

A simple questionnaire that is used to determine your risk profile and the investments that may be appropriate to you. The Risk Profiler may be helpful in choosing investment options that reflects an understanding of risk and return.

Find these calculators and more at:

9. Investment returns going back to 1995- The value of diversification.

A simple 'Skittle' chart showing the annual returns for 7 of the most common asset classes. 

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